A Digital Artist using Maya, Redshift and Photoshop.

Making Non-Fungible Token in the blockchain

Laidback Llamas

Deep in the digital mountains of the Metaverse lies a herd of 7,000 exceptional llamas. They represent confidence, tranquility, and different personalities that boast style with every stride.

Quiznos NFT Drop

Quiznos - Becoming a global powerhouse franchise takes dedication, innovation and a knack for exploration into new frontiers. Sameer has built a reputation among the art and NFT community.


Some are lost in the fire, some are built from it. Welcome to the world of YuroSako. In the year 2100, scientists had developed and mastered the craft of time travel. They established different machines.

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The Elysium - Arwen's Space Journey

Arwen and his adventurous friend embarked on an extraordinary journey to the cosmos, driven by their insatiable curiosity for the metaverse and the world of cryptocurrencies. Their spaceship soared through the celestial expanse, venturing into uncharted realms where NFT-powered landscapes unfolded like living masterpieces. Immersed in the beauty of the metaverse, they marveled at the transformative power of blockchain technology and its impact on art, finance, and beyond. With each cosmic leap, they discovered the boundless potential of crypto, leaving behind a trail of inspiration and awe. Their journey through the stars became a testament to the wonders that awaited in the vast universe of the metaverse.

Arwens Journey
The Ether Takeover

The Ether Takeover

Somewhere unknown lays something incredible that is waiting to be uncovered. This exclusive series by Sameer Baloch captures the unique relationship between outer space and crypto. Something unknown, yet so vast and so incredible.   “There is no reality except the one contained within us.”

Leaders of the Metaverse

Sameer is a very well-known Digital and 3D NFT artist famous for his work in the film and animation industry for the past 15 years. He is very passionate about his art and his creations. His style features dark futuristic fantasies and mind-bending landscapes that are inspired by crypto and the metaverse.

Leaders Of The Metaverse

Collaboration With Quiznos

Quiznos, in collaboration with Crypto.com and The NFT Agency, announced today’s launch of Quiznos “Out of this World” NFTs created by artist Sameer Baloch. Quiznos plans to donate proceeds from its token sales to the World Central Kitchen.


Open for collaborations and commisions

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